Near Earth Orbit

A second frontier of the space-environmental policy is near-Earth orbit. Near-Earth orbit is a special place, in more than one way. It provides an unusual vantage point for monitoring the Earth, as discussed above. It is also a place from which to look outward, as the Hubble Space Telescope does. Moreover, it is a place where humans now circle the Earth via the International Space Station (ISS). Once finished, ISS is to be an international laboratory for science and possible manufacture, making use of zero gravity.

The most important use of ISS is going to be studying the impact of long-duration stays in space on human physiology and psychology. The present goal of the manned space program is to go back to the Moon for extended periods and eventually go on to Mars. That goal requires more knowledge of the effects of space on astronauts. Near-Earth is thus an orbit that can be put to use for many purposes, looking down, looking up, or staying in place. Like all special places, it can be subject to over-use. Environmental impacts can be deleterious to machines and life-threatening to humans who inhabit it.

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