Enhanced Use of Information

By improving information flows and links, the content and timing of data reports, and by shortening feedback loops, systems' responsiveness can be enhanced [28,93]. Moving both the source and the use of data in-house makes data more readily available to decision-makers, and helps to allay concerns or suspicions about data validity [56,94,95]. Further, by internalizing the costs of pollution cleanup and prevention into the cost of business, both producers and consumers of goods can calculate more accurate, valid information about the real environmental cost of their choices [29]. The resulting price tag might then inform and regulate consumer behavior.

Negotiating Essentials

Negotiating Essentials

Always wanted to get a better deal but didn't have the needed negotiation skills? Here are some of the best negotiation theories. The ability to negotiate is a skill which everyone should have. With the ability to negotiate you can take charge of your life, your finances and your destiny. If you feel that others are simply born with the skill to negotiate, you should know that everyone can learn this wonderful skill.

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