Creation of the UNEP

UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) is credited with major contributions in developing the Montreal Protocol, the Convention on Biodiversity and the Convention to Combat Desertification, and for helping over 100 countries develop their own environmental legislation and institutions. UNEP has also been important in the monitoring, analysis and publication of global environmental trends [14]. Although UNEP is the UN's lead agency on the environment, there are many other UN bodies with environmental responsibilities, so UNEP's authority and agenda-setting capacity is limited. Additionally, UNEP is typically funded at a much lower level than the environmental programs within the World

Bank, UNDP, the Global Environment Facility (GEF), "and even some environmental NGOs" [14]. UNEP posts the motto on its website, "Environment for Development." The website also presents key milestones in the progress of international environmental initiatives (Table 9.1).

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