In comparison to the U.S. situation, European agencies are similar in that they are key players. They are the source of expertise, and by devoting their full time attention to global warming for many years, they shape policy. Another similarity is that different agencies promote different interests. In virtually every country and in the EU, rivalry exists between the environmental agency and those concerned with industry, trade and transportation. In contrast to the U.S. situation, policy in general is more worried about the dangers of global warming. With the present Bush Administration, U.S. government agencies are pressured to belittle the threat and to look for alternatives to controlling carbon emissions. The European bureaucrats are more in harmony with their political superiors. Except in Denmark, warming is seen as a danger, and the Kyoto Protocol is seen as a solution. A further difference is the absence of the "democracy deficit," meaning excessive control by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. While U.S. environmentalists may not be happy with many current policies, few disagree that that is what the president and a majority of Congress want.

Negotiating Essentials

Negotiating Essentials

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