Appendix B

Table 18.1 Estimated Storage Requirement from the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management's 2004 Report to Congress

Source Amount Type Current Location Comment

Commercial nuclear power generation Production of nuclear weapons

Disposal of surplus plutonium

Operation of naval nuclear vessels (40% of fleet) Research reactors

50, 000 metric tons

2500 metric tons

50 metric tons

Not specified

Not specified

Spend fuel

Spend fuel and high-level waste

Weapons grade plutonium

Spent fuel

Spent fuel

72 reactor sites in 33 states

Sites in 3 states

"Surface facilities" in U.S.

39 sites in 24 states and DOE sites

High-level waste created from chemical separation of uranium and plutonium 34 metric tons will be transformed prior to storage. 16 metric tons has no disposition

Include returns from foreign reactors and laboratories

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