Agenda 21 is a 300-page document that details commitments to a wide range of environmental improvements grounded in the goal of improving life for humanity. Agenda 21 has had a wide impact on developed countries. Many large and small European cities and some in North America adopted the principles of Agenda 21 as planning guidelines for future growth and the redesigning of transportation, water and waste treatment, and habitat protection [19-21]. This is a prime example of how ideas first expressed in UN venues designed to improve conditions in developing nations were found to inspire changes in developed areas as well. For example, in the mid-1990s, a director of the Toledo, Ohio Metroparks distributed copies of Agenda 21 to people attending a meeting of the Black Swamp Conservancy, an organization intended to protect and restore natural areas in the Maumee River watershed of northwest Ohio. The Clinton administration established a President's Council on Sustainable Development to study and recommend applications of Agenda 21 to U.S. policies and programs [22].

The direct impact of Agenda 21 is that over 6,000 cities and towns worldwide had adopted versions of it for themselves, and over 80 countries, mostly among the developing nations, had set up multi-stakeholder bodies to develop national plans by 2002 [23].

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