First and foremost, I want to thank Herman Karl, a Senior Scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey. He has been a long-time collaborator, and a fellow traveler on the fascinating and challenging road from the physical towards the human sciences. He has also provided funding for my work, through the U.S. Geological Survey's Director's Venture Capital Fund. I want to thank Sung-Jun Myung, who provided me with much enlightenment about how to read and interpret social science literature. My thinking about the science-policy interface has been greatly enriched by conversations with Steve Light and Christine Turner. Finally, thanks to the School of Arts and Sciences at Duke University for their support of my work.

The Health Zen

The Health Zen

There's no magic bullet that will make you slim down without trying. No particular diet that lets you eat a big amount of food and drop pounds quickly. No ab-machine or exercise bike that you see at three fifteen in the morning on an infomercial is truly going to make that much difference to you.

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