The results of the floods

One hundred and thirty seven localities were affected by floods, 693 houses flooded, 198 destroyed and 120 threatened with collapse, 3,368 outbuildings, 30 socio-economic installations, 378 km of county roads, and 107 km of village roads, as well as 19 bridges and 130 footbridges damaged. 21,000 ha of land were flooded deliberately under controlled flooding. At Turnu Magurele, the flood elevation was exceeded by 68 cm and at Zimnicea by 55 cm. On the south-western side of Constanta city, the Danube flooded several households and hundreds of hectares of farming land. At Cernavoda and Har┬žova, the flood elevation indicated in April a level exceeding by a few tens of centimetres. Almost half of the surface area of the Galati shipyard was flooded by the Danube. At Tulcea, the river water rose up the city cliff. In Tulcea county, over 150 households were damaged in I.C. Bratianu, Macin, Smardan, Patlageanca and Tudor Vladimirescu. The Pod Rout -Patlageanca road and the Channel Bridge at 36 Danube miles, both of them located on the Chilia Branch were covered by water for a distance of1.5 km.

Almost one thousand people were moved from Bistret, Dolj County, due to the floods. The Minister of Administration and Internal Affairs informed Mediafax. According to the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs, 5,750 persons were moved and housed at their relatives, schools, health units, tents or floating pontoons. At a press conference, the Ministry of Public Works declared that if the embankment were to break at Bistret, the upper areas of this locality would be isolated (if not flooded) and this situation would make the work of the authorities more difficult. During the next few days, one of the most vulnerable points on the Danube was Bistret. If the dike were to break, four settlements would be destroyed by water and 10,000 persons would need to be evacuated. As a precaution, the authorities began to move people, but the population refused to comply with the recommendations. Some inhabitants refused to leave the villages and remained to guard their properties. Only 1,800 of the approximately 4,800 inhabitants were moved. They were sure that, being located in the valley, their houses would be flooded.

One of the most difficult situations was at Bechet, where a few hundred inhabitants spent the night at relatives or friends after the local authorities' warning to evacuate the lowlying area of the city. The rain and flood on the Danube caused the water to overflow beyond Ostroveni-Part Bechet dike. The dike was strengthened; the materials were carried in only by helicopters. If the dike broke, over 1,000 people should be evacuated and 400 households would be flooded. In Braila County, the Danube exceeded the warning level by 27 cm, according to AMOS News. Dobrogea Water Authority announced that on the 24th March the Danube level would reach 594 cm and the discharge would be 11,947 m3/s. Some of the inhabitants living nearby the Danube began to reinforce the banks and dikes, others ran away.

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