Means of maximum level and discharge forecasting

In an effort to improvement protection from both floods and lack water resources, methods of short-term forecasting of water level and discharge were developed for the Terek basin. For mountainous rivers, where runoff depends on snowcover and glacial thawing, a physical-statistical model of runoff during a summer high water period has been produced, based on air temperature. The model realized for the Cherek River at Sovetsky allows summer discharges to be forecast adequately with 2-4 day lead time. For the rivers of the foothills and lowlands, due to lack of hydrometeorological data, the method of corresponding levels is used. This makes it possible to describe the movement and transformation of flood waves in the channel network, based on hydrometric observations data. The method is developed for six sections on the Terek, Malka and Sunzha, allowing forecasts with lead time equal 1-3 days (Christoforov et al., 2007).

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