Spreading the Word

Whether you love to talk (which we do!) or hate to, you can spread the word. Formal presentations can effectively get the message on climate change across to your family, friends, co-workers, and community.

You can either give a presentation yourself or ask someone to come in and give it for you. Al Gore's campaign and non-governmental organization called The Climate Project can show you how to present the same slide-show presentation that Gore gives in An Inconvenient Truth. So far, they've trained 1,000 presenters in the United States, 250 in Canada, and another 400 across the United Kingdom and Australia. The Project's always planning more training sessions, so check their Web site (www.theclimateproject.org) for updates. From the site, you can request a presentation for your community or group.

You can also contact any local organization that's working on climate change to request a presentation. Who knows — maybe, after you get some pointers from the local organization, you can give the presentation yourself.

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