Going Governmental

Your own government's official Web site often has current information on climate change projects and initiatives underway, how this information affects your life, and what you can do to become involved. But don't feel bound by borders — check them all out!


The Australian government has an official Greenhouse Office. (Bet they get to wear shorts to work all year round.) On their site (www.greenhouse.gov. au), you can explore

I The connections between climate change and Australia's natural resources, industry, and agriculture

I Global warming's impacts on Australia and how the government plans to deal with the problem

I How to shop for or build a climate-friendly home

This Web site is the most comprehensive of the bunch listed in this and the following sections, and it's a great resource for anyone. Nothing is missing! (Not even, since the recent change of government, a Kyoto Protocol target.)


Environment Canada's simple climate change Web site, www.ec.gc.ca/ climate, offers a brief overview of climate change, suggests actions for you to take at home, and provides access to speeches about climate change made by government officials. By digging around the site a bit, you can also find the following information:

I Reports on Canada's greenhouse gas emissions and commitments to the Kyoto Protocol

I How to apply for incentives and rebates that apply to activities such as renovating your home, upgrading your car, or doing pretty much anything else that improves your personal energy efficiency

I Examinations of climate change and its relation to agriculture, energy, and transportation in Canada

The Canadian government also hosts a site dedicated to greenhouse gases at www.ec.gc.ca/pdb/ghg. For a more general environmental site run by the government, visit www.ecoaction.gc.ca.

United Kingdom

The British government's climate change site (www.climatechallenge. gov.uk) is our personal favorite because it's clear, direct, and to the point. At this comprehensive Web site, you can

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