Freshwater contamination

Most of the creatures that walk (or crawl or slither) on the planet require freshwater (water that isn't salty) to survive. Unfortunately, flooding and rising sea levels, two of the effects of climate change, pose two contamination risks to freshwater:

i Getting it dirty: Runoff from flooding can get into drinking water. This runoff washes over city streets and can take anything with it — from any dirt or garbage in the streets, to overflowing sewer systems, to pesticides and fertilizers from our lawns.

i Getting it salty: The higher sea levels mean saltwater intrusions. Not only can saltwater get into fresh surface water, it can also work its way down into aquifers (water-bearing rock, which can provide well water) and coastal freshwater rivers. More people live along coastlines than any other region, and those people have the fewest sources of freshwater. Seawater contamination will only worsen that state of affairs.

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