Developing in the Face of Global Warming

In This Chapter

^ Understanding the challenges that climate change presents developing countries ^ Seeing positive developments in China, Brazil, and India ^ Working toward a sustainable future

7 he political climate surrounding global warming is incredibly unfair.

Although the major contributors to global warming have historically been the richest, most industrialized nations, now that those nations are waking up to the dangers of global warming, they're trying to hold developing nations to environmental standards that they themselves did not face. Worse still, these developing nations face the same environmental challenges as other countries, but without the financial resources to prepare for them.

This chapter investigates the unique challenges that these countries face while they seek to develop their economies in the face of global warming. We look at some positive steps that China, Brazil, and India (three of the world's largest and most populous developing countries) are taking. Finally, we look at what initiatives developing countries can take to reduce their carbon emissions and adapt to a warmer world, and how industrialized nations can help pitch in.

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