Contents at a Glance


Part J: Understanding Global Warming 7

Chapter 1: Global Warming Basics 9

Chapter 2: The Greenhouse We Live In 25

Chapter 3: The Big Deal About Carbon 43

Part JJ: Tracking Down the Causes 57

Chapter 4: Living in the Dark Ages of Fossil Fuels 59

Chapter 5: Getting Right to the Source: The Big Emitters 71

Chapter 6: Taking It Personally: Individual Sources of Emissions 83

Part JJJ: Examining the Effects of Global Warming 93

Chapter 7: Not-So-Natural Disasters 95

Chapter 8: Risking Flora and Fauna: Impacts on Plants and Animals 111

Chapter 9: Hitting Home: Global Warming's Direct Effect on People 125

Part JV: Political Progress: Fighting Global

Warming Nationally and Internationally 141

Chapter 10 : Voting for Your Future: What Governments Can Do 143

Chapter 11: Beyond Borders: Progress on a Global Level 167

Chapter 12: Developing in the Face of Global Warming 181

Part V: Solving the Problem 199

Chapter 13: A Whole New World of Energy 201

Chapter 14: Show Me the Money: Business and Industrial Solutions 225

Chapter 15: Activists without Borders: Non-Governmental Organizations 243

Chapter 16: Lights, Camera, Action: The Media and Global Warming 255

Chapter 17: Taking the High Road 267

Chapter 18: Making a Difference at Home and Work 285

Part VI: The Part of Tens 311

Chapter 19: Ten Things You Can Do Today to Slow Global Warming 313

Chapter 20: Ten Inspiring Leaders in the Fight Against Global Warming 321

Chapter 21: Top Ten Myths about Global Warming 327

Chapter 22: Ten Online Global Warming Resources 335

Index 343

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