Carbon Dioxide Isnt a Big Factor

Carbon and temperature are not always linked in their historical records. But it doesn't make sense to take a bit of the truth, such as this fact, and use it to create the impression that no link has been proved between human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide and changes to global temperature (and hence the climate). Sure, over a geologically long period of time, carbon dioxide levels and temperature aren't always in lockstep. Carbon dioxide is only one of many greenhouse gases and only one part of the climate equation. However, carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas that's playing a lead role now.

Carbon dioxide is a powerful warming gas. About 280 parts per million of carbon dioxide kept the planet livable for millennia. That many parts per million is like a drop in a swimming pool. When the concentration of carbon dioxide increases, the atmosphere heats up significantly. That said, an increase in carbon dioxide isn't the only thing that's ever heated up the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is just one of many factors that influence the world's temperature. Overall, however, the more carbon dioxide you emit into the atmosphere, the warmer the Earth gets.

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