Bringing Climate Change to Work

The changes you make at home are important, no question. But most folks spend the majority of their waking hours at work. Your employer's building and transportation fleet (if your company has one) presents two major projects that are just waiting to be tackled. If you nose around, you may find that your colleagues also want to turn your office green.

Here are a few suggestions that you can make to your boss, building manager, or other decision-makers at work to get started:

I Establish an energy policy that cuts down on the company's or organization's energy use and sets a target for reducing emissions. See www. for a case study that might relate to your workplace.

I Put a recycling and composting system in place.

I Post signs or notices that remind people to turn off their computers, lights, and other office equipment when they leave.

I Organize monthly lunch programs and have a speaker come in to talk about solutions to climate change.

Many of these tasks mean taking an issue to a project manager or a boss, or even to the director of maintenance or facilities management. Forming a committee or advisory team with your colleagues can make you more effective and successful — you can find strength and support in numbers.

When a company stands for more than profits, employees show greater corporate loyalty and improved morale, which results in better job performance and a drop in absenteeism.

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