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The amount of water on Earth is constant and neither increases nor decreases. However, some parts of the world have less liquid water (the only useful kind) than others. Poor management, drought, or overuse generally cause severe water shortages and can lead to disastrous consequences. Droughts are widespread in many parts of the world, but again, there are technological methods to decrease the effects of drought and to improve water management to make use of all available water.

In the United States, the acreage covered by ponds, lakes (aside from the Great Lakes), and reservoirs (in other words, actual bodies of water as opposed to the larger wetlands) has not declined at all. In fact, there are now twice as many lakes, ponds, and reservoirs as there were in 1950. Some of this is due to human construction of ponds for various purposes. This is of course good news for both human and nonhuman inhabitants because water is always precious to living things.

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