Global Warming


, John Houghton


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Global Warming

The Complete Briefing • Fourth Edition

John Houghton's market-leading textbook is now in full colour and includes the latest IPCC findings and future energy scenarios from the International Energy Agency, making it the definitive guide to climate change. Written for students across a wide range of disciplines, its simple, logical flow of ideas gives an invaluable grounding in the science and impacts of climate change and highlights the need for action on global warming.

'The addition of colour serves the diagrams so they deliver the necessary message and information they intend . . . to instructors and students in interdisciplinary programmes who need an accessible, broad-view text on the subject of climate change.'

Yochanan Kushnir, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

'The new edition provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of climate change for teaching in an undergraduate class. It covers the latest on climate science, climate change impacts and adaptation, and approaches to slowing climate change through reducing emissions from energy use, transport, and deforestation. These complex issues are presented clearly and throughly, based on the recent Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and many other sources. The new edition has significantly expanded and updated sections on slowing and stabilising climate change and on energy and transport for the future, which complement the sections on climate science. The addition of colour adds clarity and emphasis to the many valuable figures. I will definitely be using this book in all my courses on climate change.'

Prof David Karoly, University of Melbourne (formerly of the University of Oklahoma)

'It is difficult to imagine how Houghton's exposition of this complex body of information might be substantially improved upon . . . Seldom has such a complex topic been presented with such remarkable simplicity, directness and crystalline clarity . . . Houghton's complete briefing is without doubt the best briefing the concerned citizen could hope to find within the pages of a pocketable book.'

John Perry, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

'I can recommend (this book) to anyone who wants to get a better perspective on the topic of global warming . . . a very readable and comprehensive guide to the changes that are occurring now, and could occur in the future, as a result of human action . . . brings the global warming debate right up to date . . . .'

William Harston, The Independent

'... a widely praised book on global warming and its consequences.'

The Economist

'I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone concerned about global warming. It provides an excellent, essentially non-technical guide on scientific and political aspects of the subject. It is an essential briefing for students and science teachers.'

Tony Waters, The Observatory

'For the non-technical reader, the best program guide to the political and scientific debate is John Houghton's book Global Warming: The Complete Briefing. With this book in hand you are ready to make sense of the debate and reach your own conclusions.'

Alan Hecht, Climate Change

'This is a remarkable book . It is a model of clear exposition and comprehensible writing ... Quite apart from its value as a background reader for science teachers and students, it would make a splendid basis for a college general course.'

Andrew Bishop, Association for Science Education

' ... a useful book for students and laymen to understand some of the complexities of the global warming issue. Questions and essay topics at the end of each chapter provide useful follow-up work and the range of material provided under one cover is impressive. At a student-friendly price, this is a book to buy for yourself and not rely on the library copy.'

Allen Perry, Holocene

'This book is one of the best I have encountered, that deal with climate change and some of its anthropogenic causes. Well written, well organised, richly illustrated and referenced, it should be required reading for anybody concerned with the fate of our planet.'

Elmar R. Reiter, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics

'Sir John Houghton is one of the few people who can legitimately use the phrase "the complete briefing" as a subtitle for a book on global warming ... Sir John has done us all a great favour in presenting such a wealth of material so clearly and accessibly and in drawing attention to the ethical underpinnings of our interpretation of this area of environmental science.'

Progress in Physical Geography

'Throughout the book this argument is well developed and explained in a way that the average reader could understand - especially because there are many diagrams, tables, graphs and maps which are easy to interpret.'



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