• Corporate R&D spending on clean energy technologies reached $9.1 billion in 2006. Venture capital and private equity investment in clean energy totaled $8.6 billion in 2006, 69 percent above the 2005 level and 10 times the 2001 level.

• Average auto efficiency standards will soon rise to 47 miles per gallon in Japan and 49 miles per gallon in Europe. Biofuel production has grown by 20 percent per year since 2005.

• Australia, China, and California plan to phase out the use of most incandescent light bulbs, which would be replaced by compact fluorescent bulbs that are four times as efficient.

• The government of Germany announced plans to shut down its centuries-old hard coal industry by 2018.

• Global trade of carbon allowances has increased rapidly, from 328 million tons of CO2 equivalent in 2005 to 1,131 million tons in 2006.

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