Environmental degradation by Corporates in India

One of the major provisions of Indian State Policy is to maintain environmental standards along with promoting economic growth. However, the same becomes difficult, as it has to be implemented through the archaic bureaucratic lines that still haunt the country's basic political and civil system.

Indian Corporates in the contemporary times have taken full advantage of this 'not so strict' environmental control by the government and have been successful in maximizing profits for themselves. However, over the last few years the Indian Corporates are realizing that it is in their favour that they adhere to their social responsibility and grow in a manner that is more sustainable. Indian Industries have opened up post 1991 reforms that took place in the country allowing freedom from strict rules and regulations that had made working of Indian Industries very difficult. In this post reform scenario, Indian industries have widely increased the production capacities and basic infrastructure leading to increasing amount of pollution." With the increasing liberalization and globalization of the Indian Economy it seemed almost axiomatic to assume that the greening of India would only be successful if it was made into a paying proposition in commercial terms".14

Indian Companies like Reliance group of Industies, Tata Steel Group and other big corporations have created a lot of hassle and trouble in the environment over the post 1991 scenario. Therefore, it is imperative for such corporations to pay back to the community as a whole in order to compensate for there activities. E.g. The Indian Oil Corporation refinery at Vadinar in Gujarat has been a cause for huge marine pollution over the past years.15 The refinery has polluted the Western Coast of Indian through Oil spillages, oily wastage etc.

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