Suggestions for further reading

Adams, F.C. and Laughlin, G. (1997). A dying universe: the long term fate and evolution of astrophysical objects. Rev. Mod. Phys., 69, pp. 337-372. This review outlines the physics of the long-term future of the universe and its constituent astrophysical objects (advanced level).

Adams, F.C. and Laughlin, G. (1999). Five Ages of the Universe: Inside the Physics of Eternity (New York: The Free Press). Provides a popular level account of the future history of the universe.

Cirkovic, M.M. (2003). Resource letter Pes-1: physical eschatology. Am.}. Phys., 71, pp. 122-133. This paper provides a comprehensive overview of the scientific literature concerning the future of the universe (as of 2003). The treatment is broad and also includes books, popular treatments, and philosophical accounts (advanced level).

Dyson, F.J. (1979). Time without end: physics and biology in an open universe. Rev. Mod. Phys., 51, pp. 447-460. This review represents one of the first comprehensive treatments of the future of the universe and includes discussion of the future of both communication and biology (advanced level).

Islam, J.N. (1983). The Ultimate Fate of the Universe (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). This book provides one of the first popular level accounts of the future of the universe and raises for the first time many subsequently discussed questions.

Rees, M. (1997). Before the Beginning: Our Universe and Others (Reading, MA: Addision-Wesley). This book provides a popular level treatment of the birth of the universe and hence the starting point for discussions of our cosmic future.

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