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Section Summary

I Water from precipitation gathers in gullies at a stream's headwaters.

I Stream water flows in channels confined by the stream's banks.

I Alluvial fans and deltas form when stream velocity decreases and sediment is deposited.

I Alluvial fans are fan-shaped and form where water flows down steep slopes onto flat plains.

I Deltas are triangular and form when streams enter wide, relatively quiet bodies of water.

Understand Main Ideas

1. iman4ffl!fl Describe how a V-shaped valley is formed.

2. Identify four changes that a stream undergoes before it reaches the ocean.

3. Compare the velocity on the inside of a meander curve with that on the outside of the curve.

Think Scientifically

4. Analyze how the type of bedrock over which a stream flows affects the time it takes for the stream to reach its base level.

5. Infer how you can tell that rejuvenation has modified the landscape.

«BOX» Earth Science

6. Create a line graph that plots the direction of change in a hypothetical stream's rate of flow at the stream's headwaters, at midstream, and at its mouth.

Self-Check Quiz

Section 2 • Stream Development 237

Self-Check Quiz

Section 2 • Stream Development 237

Section 9.3


I Explain the formation of freshwater lakes and wetlands.

I Describe the process of eutrophication.

I Recognize the effects of human activity on lake development.

Review Vocabulary kettle: a depression resulting from the melting of an ice block left behind by a glacier

New Vocabulary lake eutrophication wetland

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  • philipp maurer
    What are 4 changes that a stream undergoes?
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    What are the four changes a stream undergoes before it reaches the ocean?
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