Section Assessment

Section Summary

I Lakes form in a variety of ways when depressions on land fill with water.

I Eutrophication is a natural nutrient-enrichment process that can be accelerated when nutrients from fertilizers, detergents, or sewage are added.

I Wetlands are low-lying areas that are periodically saturated with water and support specific plant species.

Understand Main Ideas

1. iman4TTfla Explain the transformation process that a lake might undergo as it changes to dry land.

2. Describe the conditions necessary for the formation of a natural lake.

3. Identify human activities that might affect the process of eutrophication in a lake near you.

Think Critically

4. Organize a data table to compare various types of lakes and their origins.

5. Analyze a situation in which protection of wetlands might conflict with human plans for land use.

1S2E3ME* Earth Science

6. Write an essay explaining the role wetlands play in improving water quality.

Self-Check Quiz

Section 3 • Lakes and Freshwater Wetlands

Self-Check Quiz

Section 3 • Lakes and Freshwater Wetlands

Earth Science & Society !

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