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Teacher Advisory Board and Reviewers

Teacher Advisory Board

The Teacher Advisory Board gave the editorial and design team feedback on the content and design of the Student Edition. We thank these teachers for their hard work and creative suggestions.

Francisco Borrero

Cincinnati Country Day High School Cincinnati, OH

Bill Brown

Grandview Heights High School Columbus, OH

Carmen S. Dixon

East Knox High School Howard, OH

Joel Heuberger

Waite High School Toledo, OH

Jane Karabaic

Steubenville City Schools Steubenville, OH

Terry Stephens

Edgewood High School Trenton, OH


Each teacher reviewed selected chapters of Earth Science: Geology, the Environment, and the Universe, and provided feedback and suggestions for improving the effectiveness of the instruction.

Mark Brazo

Lincoln High School Portland, OR

Gayle R. Dawson

Blackman High School Murfreesboro, TN

William Dicks

Northville High School Northville, MI

Alvin Echeverria

Del Sol High School Las Vegas, NV

Wendy Elkins

Blue Valley Northwest High School Overland Park, KS

Carolyn C. Elliot

South Iredell High School Statesville, NC

Sandra Forster-Terrell

Atherton High School Louisville, KY

Carol L. Jarocha

Northville High School Northville, MI

Steve Kluge

Fox Lane High School Bedford, NY

Sussan Nwabunachi Oladipo

Wells Academy High School Chicago, IL

Michael J. Passow

White Plains Middle School White Plains, NY

Jeremy Richardson

Lewis and Clark High School Spokane, WA

Angela Jones Rizzo

AC Flora High School Columbia, SC

Terry A. Stephens

Edgewood High School Trenton, OH

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