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Get an inside look at exciting places and scientists doing real-world Earth science.

Chapter 1 On Site: In the Footsteps of Disaster 20

Chapter 4 On Site: Crystals at Large in Mexico 102

Chapter 6 On Site: Geology in Central Park 152

Chapter 13 On Site: Storm Spotters 366

Chapter 16 On Site: Surveying the Deep

Ocean Floor 455

Chapter 18 On Site: Hawaiian Volcano

Observatory 518

Chapter 20 On Site: Hiking the

Appalachian Trail 577

Chapter 23 On Site: Digging for Dinosaurs 666

Chapter 27 On Site: Living in Space 785

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Chapter 2 Mapping Disaster Zones 47

Chapter 3 Liquid Crystal Displays 76

Chapter 7 Space-Age Technology

Shapes Modern Farming 184

Chapter 21 Discovering Dinosaur Tissues 610

Chapter 22 Exploring Mars 638

Discover recent advancements that have influenced Earth science.

Chapter 26 Measuring and Modeling

Global Warming 751

Chapter 28 Water in the Solar System 820

Chapter 29 Space Weather and Earth Systems 852

Chapter 30 Black Holes Are Green? 882


Explore environmental issues that influence Earth science.



Moon Rocks

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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