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Background: Many factors affect the rate of weathering of Earth materials. Two major factors that affect the rate at which a rock weathers include the length of time it is exposed to a weathering agent and the composition of the rock.

Question: What is the relationship between exposure time and weathering?

Materials plastic jar with lid water (300 mL) halite chips (100 g)

balance timer paper towels

Safety Precautions ZHZ'^iKl


Read and complete the lab safety form. Soak 100 g of halite chips in water overnight. As a class, decide on a uniform method of shaking the jars.

Pour off the water, and use paper towels to gently dry the halite chips. Divide them into four piles on the paper towel.

Use a balance to find the starting mass of one pile of the chips.

Place the halite chips in the plastic jar.

Add 300 mL of water to the jar.

Secure the lid on the jar, and shake the jar for the assigned period of time.

Pour the water from the jar.

Use paper towels to gently dry the halite chips.

Use a balance to find the final mass of the chips.

Record your measurement in a data table similar to the one provided.

Subtract the final mass from the starting mass to calculate the change in mass of the halite chips. Repeat Steps 4 to 12 using a fresh pile of halite chips for each period of time.

Halite Chips

Weathering Data

Shaking Time (min)

Starting Mass of Chips (g)

Final Mass of Chips (g)

Change in Mass of Chips (g)





1. State What real-world process did you model in this investigation?

2. Infer Why did you need to soak the halite chips before conducting the experiment?

3. Compare the lab procedure with actual weathering processes. What did the halite represent? What process did shaking the jar represent?

4. Deduce How would acid precipitation affect this process in the real world?

5. Conclude How would the results of your investigation be affected if you used pieces of quartz instead of halite?

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  • anna
    Why do you soak the halite chips in water overnight?
    8 years ago
  • Fre-qalsi
    Why do you need to soak the halite chips before the experiment?
    8 years ago
  • Dennis
    Why do halite chips need to be soaked?
    8 years ago
  • Nicole Kappel
    Why do you need to soak the chips before conducting the investigation?
    8 years ago
  • Olavi
    Why did you need to soak the halite chips before conducting the experiment?
    8 years ago
  • awet
    What is the name of the weathering process that shaking a jar simulates?
    6 months ago

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