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Sedimentologist Studying the origin and deposition of sediments and their conversion to sedimentary rocks is the job of a sedimentologist. Sedimentologists are often involved in searching for and finding oil, natural gas, and economically important minerals. To learn more about Earth science careers, visit

Graded bedding Bedding in which the particle sizes become progressively heavier and coarser toward the bottom layers is called graded bedding. Graded bedding is often observed in marine sedimentary rocks that were deposited by underwater landslides. As the sliding material slowly came to rest underwater, the largest and heaviest material settled out first and was followed by progressively finer material. An example of graded bedding is shown in Figure 6.6.

Cross-bedding Another characteristic feature of sedimentary rocks is cross-bedding. Cross-bedding, such as that shown in Figure 6.7, is formed as inclined layers of sediment are deposited across a horizontal surface. When these deposits become lithified, the cross-beds are preserved in the rock. This process is illustrated in Figure 6.8. Small-scale cross-bedding forms on sandy beaches and along sandbars in streams and rivers. Most large-scale cross-bedding is formed by migrating sand dunes.

Ripple marks When sediment is moved into small ridges by wind or wave action or by a river current, ripple marks form. The back-and-forth movement of waves forms ripples that are symmetrical, while a current flowing in one direction, such as in a river or stream, produces asymmetrical ripples. If a rippled surface is buried gently by more sediment without being disturbed, it might later be preserved in solid rock. The formation of ripple marks is illustrated in Figure 6.8.

Crossbedding Sand Dune


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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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