List of Contributors viii

List of Figures x

List of Tables xi

Acknowledgements xii

Introduction: Questioning Geography 1

Douglas Sherman, Alisdair Rogers and Noel Castree

Part I The 'Nature' of Geography 7

1 Geography - Coming Apart at the Seams? 9

Ron Johnston

2 A Divided Discipline? 26

Heather Viles

3 What Difference Does Difference Make to Geography? 39

Katherine McKittrick and Linda Peake

Part II Approaches in Geography 55

4 Is Geography a Science? 57

Noel Castree

5 What Kind of Science Is Physical Geography? 80

Stephan Harrison

6 Beyond Science? Human Geography, Interpretation and Critique 96

Maureen Hickey and Vicky Lawson

Part III Key Debates in Geography 115

7 General/Particular 117

Tim Burt

8 Process/Form 131

Bruce L. Rhoads

9 Representation/Reality 151

Matthew Hannah

10 Meta-Theory/Many Theories 167

Michael R. Curry

Part IV The Practice of Geography 187

11 Cartography and Visualization 189

Scott Orford

12 Models, Modelling, and Geography 206

David Demeritt and John Wainwright

13 Ethnography and Fieldwork 226

Steve Herbert, Jacqueline Gallagher and Garth Myers

14 Counting and Measuring: Happy Valentine's Day 241

Danny Dorling

15 Theory and Theorizing 258

Elspeth Graham

Part V The Uses of Geography 275

16 A Policy-Relevant Geography for Society? 277

Alisdair Rogers

17 Whose Geography? Education as Politics 294

Noel Castree


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