Special Surveillance

The principles of surveillance were mentioned in Section 4.2. A country at particular risk may be advised to set up a surveillance system of international or national importance. Some suggestions are:

• in plague areas, any case of fever, glandular enlargement and death;

• any person or persons dying from diarrhoea;

• any person dying of jaundice in the yellow fever zone (see Fig. 5.1);

• Aedes aegypti index;

• severe case of chicken pox or other unusual pox rashes;

• any case of acute flaccid paralysis following a feverish illness;

• severe pneumonia with difficulty in breathing.

Any case coming within one of these categories is reported immediately to the responsible Medical Officer or doctor in charge, who is required to investigate the report.

WHO has set up an international surveillance team to investigate any case of suspected smallpox reported. The suspected case must be isolated and WHO informed immediately. There is also concern about emergent diseases and the strengthening of surveillance systems, so the linking of one country's reporting with another will assist in detecting new diseases before they become a serious problem.

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