Incubation period weeks

Period of communicability Humans can continue to liberate eggs into the environment for many years, but most of the infective source is from the animal reservoir.

Occurrence and distribution The parasite is found in the cooler parts of the world, around lakes of Europe, America, China and Japan. It is also found in indigenous tribes living in the Arctic and sub-Arctic

Fig. 9.5. The fish tape worm - Diphyllobothrium latum.

regions. It is a disease of some 13 million people.

Control and prevention Control is by ensuring that fish are properly cooked. Deep-freezing fish will also kill the parasite. Sanitation will decrease the human cycle and animal faeces should be prevented from entering water sources.

Treatment Niclosamide as a single dose of 2 g or praziquantel as a single dose of 5-10mg/kg.

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