Granuloma Inguinale

Organism Calymmatobacterium granulo-matis.

Clinical features Granuloma inguinale is a chronic, progressive, ulcerating disease of the ano-genital area without regional lym-phadonopathy. An initial lesion on the genitalia becomes eroded and ulcerated with new nodules forming at the margins as the lesion extends. The lesions readily bleed on contact and ulceration can continue to produce extensive destruction. Carcinoma of the vulva has been reported to be associated with granuloma inguinale.

Diagnosis is made from smears or scrapings of the lesions stained with Giemsa, in which intracellular rod-shaped organisms (Dona-van bodies) are found.

Transmission The disease is transmitted by direct contact with lesions either via sexual intercourse or other methods. It is frequently associated with anal intercourse.

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