Economies of vaccination

Vaccination coverage is often poor because of constraints put on staff by the cost of vaccines. Vaccines should be supplied in small dose quantities so that a vial can be opened even if there is only one child to be vaccinated. Spare vaccine can often be used up on other children attending the health centre for other reasons. The cost of vaccination is not just the price of the actual vial of vaccine, but includes the whole cold chain and the salary of the vaccinator. To have a vaccinator sitting around not vaccinating because there are not enough children to warrant opening a vial is a false economy.

Fig. 3.2. Unequal vaccination coverage from static clinics. +, vaccinated child; —, non-vaccinated child; Hosp., hospital; H.C., health centre; Disp., dispensary.

Proportional costs have been calculated as follows:

Capital 12-15% Salaries 45%

Training 2-3%

Transport 20%

Vaccine 5%

Others 12-16%

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