Is your city located near a river that floods "every now and then?" Do you, or anyone in city government, know what the 50-year or 100-year floodplain is? Shouldn't someone? Is your property in danger? Has the state geological survey (usually located in the state capital) prepared a flood-hazard map for your community? Some states have such maps for potentially endangered areas, but most states don't. Is this something you would like to see done in your state?

What about zoning laws in floodplain areas? Would you like to see such laws enacted in your state? Can they be made fair to those already located on the floodplain and to real estate interests that want to develop the floodplain? Does your city have a detailed emergency plan that is widely circulated among the citizenry? Should it? Let your congressional representatives know your views on subsidizing rebuilding in flood-prone areas.

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