The Making of Green Knowledge

Environmental Politics and

Cultural Transformation



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The Making of Green Knowledge

The Making of Green Knowledge provides a wide-ranging introduction to the politics of the environment and the development of environmental knowledge. Focusing in particular on the quest in recent years for more sustainable forms of socio-economic development, it attempts to place environmental politics within a broad historical perspective and examines the different political strategies and cultural practices that have emerged. The Making of Green Knowledge is a uniquely personal exploration of the relationship between sustainable development, public participation and cultural transformation. Through a highly accessible mix of theory, practical analysis and personal reflection it seeks to bring the making of green knowledge to life.

ANDREW JAMISON is an American who has lived in Sweden since 1970 and is now Professor of Technology and Society at the University of Aalborg. He is co-author with Ron Eyerman of Social Movements: a Cognitive Approach (1991), Seeds of the Sixties (1994) and Music and Social Movements (1998).

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