Unawareness of Opportunities

Another barrier to energy and environmental management is expressed as: 'We don't know what we can do'. This may be true in the short term, but there is much that can be done to identify the real opportunities.

Figure 1.6 Some Barriers for Energy and Environmental Performance Improvement

One way is to hire an expert to identify and quantify opportunities by conducting an energy and environmental audit (see Part I Chapter 4). Although this will obviously incur some costs, it may reveal a number of opportunities for energy saving and environmental performance improvements.

Alternatively, for no cost you can ask: 'Where, why and how energy is used?'; 'How much could we save?'; 'What would we need to change and save even more?'; 'Where are the sources of environmental impacts?'; 'Can we reduce the amount of waste that we generate?' and so on. The answers to questions such as these are always very revealing and invariably uncover opportunities in the no-cost and low-cost categories of improvements, capable of rapid implementation.

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