• performance measurement;

• performance indicators;

• performance targets.

Figure 2.5 highlights the importance of accurate local measurement of energy consumption and environmental releases where applicable. Energy and environmental performance can be evaluated only against real measurement data because that is the only accurate reflection of actual performance. Assigned or allocated energy consumption and environmental impact figures cannot be the basis of performance assessment.

Figure 2.5 also highlights that there must be a nominated individual associated with each ECC charged with the responsibility for achieving the ECC's energy and environmental performance according to given targets.

The concept of an ECC extends management's responsibility for energy and environmental performance for any functional unit or business segment. It focuses attention on energy and environmental

Compresed air


Waste water [l]

Foreman or shift supervisor or

Management responsibility for energy and environment

Foreman or shift supervisor or

Electrical energy [kWh]

ECC boundary


Local measurements are critical

Energy & environmental performance indicators = .

Targets =

Figure 2.5 Unifying Features of ECC Concept performance improvement opportunities through better operational and maintenance practices in the units concerned.

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