Interactions between Energy and Production

Production processes present a demand side for a factory's energy system - therefore, production processes set the requirements for energy quantity and quality. Energy and environmental performance must be evaluated and improved on both sides:

Production ^ how efficiently raw material is processed into a final product, ^ how effectively energy is used to produce given amount of production;

Utilities ^ how efficiently input energy is converted into utilities which are required by production.

The basic principles for optimizing energy performance are continuous monitoring of energy flows and connecting the measured amount of energy used by a process or activity and the measured output of this process or activity (Fig. 2.2). As we have already said, wherever and whenever energy performance improvements are achieved, the environmental performance will be improved simultaneously.

The essence of energy and environmental management is to measure regularly the use of energy and other resources, relate them to production output or activity that consumed this amount of energy and resources, express this relationship in a form of a performance indicator (PI), and compare the PI with some performance standard or target.

The next step in developing EEM concept is to decentralize responsibility for energy and environmental performance along the production and energy flows and designate responsibility centers for energy and environmental costs and performance. Since energy costs can be established unambiguously by the measurement of any amount or any type of energy, the resulting responsibility centers are called the Energy Costs Centers (ECC) in the context of EEM.

This will enable the assignment of responsibility for performance of ECC to a nominated individual or a team of people. Holding people accountable for specified results is another critical point on the path to success.

Figure 2.2 Basic Relationship of Energy and Production

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