Energy Production Relationship by Standard Operational Procedure

The manner in which machines are operated has a strong impact on the energy/production relationship. Production lines and machines, once installed, are accompanied by blueprints, diagrams, and standardized operational and maintenance procedures. Only strict adherence to the prescribed operational procedures will result in optimal energy consumption at the designed output level and with reduced energy variability.

Standard operational procedures for a machine would provide information to fill in the blanks in Figure 3.2 and determine the nominal relationship of energy to production through the stages in production operations.

Figure 3.3 provides an example of the operational procedure for an injection molding machine. It emphasizes the important fact that the production machine is not necessarily a single energy-using unit. The molding press incorporates a pump, cylinder heater, materials dryer and dye heater. All of these

Figure 3.2 Stages in Production Operations


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