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Production process

Figure 6.3a Concurrent Performance Management in Operations

Figure 6.3b Integrated Performance Management in Operations

on people - because no tool, however powerful it may be, can do the work without people!

on performance measurement - because no performance objective could ever be reached if progress is not measured! on implementation - because no concept can bring results if it is not applied successfully!

on learning - because learning and knowledge capturing are the only way to sustain improvement!

Reduction of scrap, rejects, energy, environmental compliance and waste treatment costs will directly improve a company's profit. Since energy is required for every activity, energy consumption will depend on the performance of these activities, and variations in energy use will be detected by EEMS, and the data interpretation process will lead to discovery of the causes of variations. Therefore it is prudent to integrate energy and environmental management with other aspects of operational management. Hence EEMS could be positioned as a tool for improvement of not only the technical, but also the financial and managerial performance of a business, the quality of products and customer satisfaction.

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