Acid rain is a natural product of atmospheric chemical reactions. Inadvertent human interference in the composition of the atmosphere, through the addition of SO2 and

NOX, has caused it to develop into a major environmental problem. It is mainly confined to the industrialized areas of the northern hemisphere at present, but has the potential to become a problem of global proportions. Acid rain damage is extensive in the aquatic environment, and is increasingly recognized in the terrestrial environment. Damage to buildings is common in some areas, but the effect of acid rain on human health is less obvious.

Progress towards the large scale abatement of acid emissions has been slow, and methods for controlling NOX lag behind those for dealing with SO2. Emissions of sulphur dioxide are beginning to decline in many areas. Although lakes and forests damaged by acid rain will take some time to recover, action is being taken to improve the situation, and that, in itself, is psychologically important. Finally, much has been written about the necessity to 'clean-up' acid rain. Ironically, the acidity is really the end-product of a series of natural cleansing processes by which the atmosphere attempts to maintain some degree of internal chemical balance.

The Basic Survival Guide

The Basic Survival Guide

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