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Global environmental issues

This book provides a balanced account of the global environmental issues which threaten our society and which we neglect at our peril. Analysing both societal and environmental components of the issues—global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain and drought—the book offers a valuable integrative approach. At a time when the technical level of publications on environmental issues is rising, this introductory text expresses sophisticated scientific ideas in a clear, non-technical manner.

Emphasising the climatological dimension common to all environmental issues, Global Environmental Issues recognises the multi-faceted nature of the issues, their common causes and the possibility of common solutions. Assessment of socio-economic, cultural and political factors provides a balanced introduction to both the dangers and advantages of human interference with the environment. What have we done to deserve our current environmental crisis? Can we solve our current environmental problems, or is it too late?

This new edition of a best-selling text is completely updated and expanded to include greater detail and new material such as a new section on atmospheric modelling. A glossary has been added together with a bibliography for further reading at the end of each chapter, allowing readers to develop their interest in specific topics. This interdisciplinary text will prove invaluable to students in geography, environmental studies and other courses in which the environmental approach is emphasised.

David D.Kemp is Professor of Geography at Lakehead University, Canada and has over twenty-five years of experience in teaching climatology and environmental studies.

To Susan, Heather, Qais, Qarma, Beisan, Alisdair, Colin, Mairi, Eilidh, Euan, Deirdre, Neil, Ross, Andrew, Heather Lynn and all of their generation whose future requires that we find solutions to our current environmental problems.

The Basic Survival Guide

The Basic Survival Guide

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