Business Decisions

Although the private business sector has been associated with environmental problems primarily in connection with by-products and waste from production processes and with unintentional releases to the environment, it makes many decisions that can have positive or negative environmental effects (Rappaport & Dillon, 1991). Decisions that have environmental implications include those regarding what products the company will offer, the materials it will use in the manufacturing process, the technology that will be used to produce its products, the company location, and others. Even the accounting methods it will use can be environmentally relevant: "use of methods that discount future environmental liability or that require rapid payback to show profitability will prevent a company from investing in process changes that reduce waste at the source" (p. 242). Rappaport and Dillon argued that, "the key change required of industry to support sustainable development and improve environmental management is a shift from short- to long-term planning horizons" (p. 261).

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