Integrating Art and Science

Environmental assessment, in common with most other complex processes, has elements which represent rigorous scientific endeavor. Some examples might be the analysis of soil or water samples, or the design of a plan to acquire these samples. The selection of instrumentation to measure soil loss or air quality is equally complex, with numerous references, formulas, and guidelines from handbooks and rule books from regulatory agencies. These examples are related to a knowledge of the scientific principles involved. A skillful project manager will be knowledgeable about the basic principles of a dozen or more sciences, from civil engineering through biology, or will seek the advice of persons trained in these areas.

Just as skilled is the art of knowing that soil nutrients, water, air quality, lichen productivity, or aesthetic effects will be relevant and will require examination. This can be taught only to a degree. Through use of real-life examples, we hope to illustrate many ways in which judgment may be developed in this area. In this, the area of analysis which we have termed an art, there are few hard-and-fast rules. One must learn what has been proven desirable in practice, just as one must be aware of what has been considered inadequate. What are the elements of a good artistic composition? One may learn a few rules, but that, in itself, is insufficient to qualify one as an artist. We will present those rules, but one must rely on experience, both one's own and that gained through extensive reading in relevant areas. The suggested readings associated with each chapter, in addition to the specific references, are a good start in this direction.

Nepa Environmental Assessment Template
Federal Agencies

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Figure 1.2 Total EISs filed by selected agencies for the years 1992-1998.

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