Thin Solar Cells

The high cost of crystalline silicon wafers led the semiconductor industry to look for cheaper ways and materials to make solar cells. The most commonly used materials are amorphous silicon orpolycrystalline materials [cadmium telluride, copper indium (gallium), diselenide]. These materials all strongly absorb light and are naturally only about 1 micron thick, so production costs drop. Unfortunately, they are environmentally unfriendly.

These wafers allow large area deposition (substrates of up to 1 meter) and high volume manufacturing. The thin film semiconductor layers are deposited onto coated glass or stainless steel sheets. Intricate thin film methods have taken about 20 years of development get from the initial research stage to the manufacture of a prototype product.

Staebler-Wronski Effect

Amorphous silicon is the best developed of the thin film technologies with a single sequence of layers, but amorphous silicon cells undergo a lot of power output degradation (15 to 35%) when exposed to the sun. Not a good thing for solar cells!

Solar cell degradation is called the Staebler-Wronski Effect. The effect describes how the best stability requires the thinnest layers. This is important to increase the electric field strength across the material. However, it also reduces light absorption and cell efficiency. The industry has developed in-line, stacked layers to reduce band gap and improve light absorption, but this technology leads to additional complexity, lower yields, and higher cost.

The best silicon solar cell methods produce thin film cells, laminated to produce a weather-resistant and environmentally sturdy material while achieving low manufacturing costs and high, stable efficiencies with the highest process yields.

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