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1. Renewable energy certificates describe

(a) coupons from fast food restaurants

(b) electricity obtained from fossil fuels

(c) only investments in solar power

(d) environmental characteristics of power from renewable energy projects

2. The study of compounds at the single atom level or 10-9-meter scale is called

(a) chemical engineering

(b) nanotechnology

(c) microbiology

(d) kinesiology

3. "Going green" means choosing alternative processes and products that

(a) are used once and then thrown away

(b) allow the environment to sustain itself

(c) involve artificial turf/grass in sports stadiums

(d) emit a small amount of radiation

4. The Geysers, a geothermal resource in California, generates what percentage of power demand to San Francisco and Oregon?

5. What country plans to fund innovative research projects in energy, a bid to boost their own and the European Union's competitiveness?

(a) Holland

(c) Belgium

(d) France

6. One of the first states to enact environmental standards and a strict definition of green power was

(a) California

(b) North Dakota

7. General Motors Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Delphi Corporation, Dow Chemical USA, DuPont, and FedEx, among others

(a) pay their employees in U.S. currency only

(b) all have divisions in Madagascar

(c) use only solar power for electricity generation

(d) established a corporate partnership interested in using green power

8. For a cleaner electricity blend, consumers will have to pay as much as

9. The strength, electrical, and thermal properties of nanomaterials comes primarily from their

(a) slippery skins

(b) knotted ends

(c) large surface area

10. Electricity production is considered green energy if it is created

(a) without causing any harmful environmental impact

(b) in the Rocky Mountains

(c) only at night

(d) by cutting down old growth forests

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Solar Power

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