Land Overuse

Land overuse can come from economic circumstances, poor land laws, and cultural customs. Some people exploit land resources for their own gain with little thought for the land or neighboring areas. Some people in poverty have little choice but to overuse their meager resources, even to the extent of wearing out the land.

Trade and exploitation of a country's natural resources often leaves the land restoration in the hands of local people without the funding to have much of an impact. In the same way, an economy based on the sale of crops can cause farmers to ignore the overexploitation of the land.

Wars and national emergencies also destroy rich land by overburdening it with refugees and other displaced people. Natural disasters like floods and droughts can do the same thing.

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    How is land overuse caused?
    2 years ago
  • niko hautam
    Can you overuse the land indefinitely?
    5 months ago
  • faruz sayid
    How do we protect crown land from overuse?
    2 months ago

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