National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is a U.S. Department of Energy research facility that examines renewable energy technologies and their potential for meeting U.S. energy needs. The NREL serves as the primary research and development facility for renewable energy in the United States. The NREL Web site provides an overview of renewable energy and offers information on U.S. initiatives for renewable research and development and technology dissemination.

Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA)

The Natural Gas Supply Association is a trade organization for the producers and marketers of natural gas in the United States. It promotes the natural gas industry in the areas of policy and business to enhance competitive markets for the production and transmission of domestic natural gas resources. The NGSA Web site provides information on social, policy, and regulatory issues important to the natural gas industry, offers facts and statistics, and contains updates on NGSA lobbying and professional activities.

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Solar Power Sensation V2

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