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FIGURE 1.2 (See color insert following page 774.) Sectoral shares in world primary energy demand. (Data and forecast from IEA, World Energy Outlook, IEA, Paris, 2004. With permission.)

FIGURE 1.3 World electricity production by fuel in 2003. (Data from IEA, Renewables Information, IEA, Paris, 2005. With permission.)

use of RE sources. All RE sources combined accounted for only 17.6% share of electricity production in the world, with hydroelectric power providing almost 90% of it. All other RE sources provided only 1.7% of electricity in the world. However, the RE technologies of wind power and solar energy have vastly improved in the last two decades and are becoming more cost effective. As these technologies mature and become even more cost competitive in the future they maybe in a position to replace a major fraction of fossil fuels for electricity generation. Therefore, substituting fossil fuels with RE for electricity generation must be an important part of any strategy of reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and combating global climate change.

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