■ Under construction ■ Planned ■ Additions needed by 2030 Source: IEA analysis. Data for plants under construction and planning are from plants (2003).

FIGURE 1.4 Electrical capacity requirements by region. (From IEA, World Energy Outlook, IEA, Paris, 2004. With permission.)

which project an average annual growth of about 2%-2.5% up to 2030. It is clear that of all countries, China will add the largest capacity with its projected electrical needs accounting for about 30% of the world energy forecast. China and India combined will add about 40% of all the new capacity of the rest of the world. Therefore, what happens in these two countries will have important consequences on the worldwide energy and environmental situation. If coal provides as much as 70% of China's electricity in 2030, as forecasted by IEA (IEA 2004), it will certainly increase worldwide CO2 emissions, and further increase global warming.

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