The Economic Growth Engine

How Energy and Work

Drive Material Prosperity x

Robert U. Ayres and

Benjamin Warr

The Economic Growth Engine

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis is an interdisciplinary, nongovernmental research institution founded in 1972 by leading scientific organizations in 12 countries. Situated near Vienna, in the center of Europe, IIASA has been producing valuable scientific research on economic, technological and environmental issues for over three decades.

IIASA was one of the first international institutes to systematically study global issues of environment, technology and development. IIASA's Governing Council states that the Institute's goal is: 'to conduct international and interdisciplinary scientific studies to provide timely and relevant information and options, addressing critical issues of global environmental, economic and social change, for the benefit of the public, the scientific community and national and international institutions'. Research is organized around three central themes:

• Energy and Technology

• Environment and Natural Resources

• Population and Society

IIASA is funded and supported by scientific institutions and organizations in the following countries: Austria, China, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, United States of America.

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